Are you tired of problems with poor quality concrete foundations? Do your carpenters complain about the concrete walls being out of level, not square or straight? Do your prospective buyers voice concerns about the honeycomb, cold joints or blotchy, rough finish? Our goal is to provide the highest quality concrete walls/foundations and service at a competitive price.

The loss of one sale can be devastating when there are so few sales now. However, if you make one sale because of a good quality concrete foundation, it will pay more than the difference between the worst and best foundation.

For the person building their own home, it goes without saying that you would want the highest quality concrete basement because that is the basis for the entire house. If the foundation fails, the money you saved on a lesser quality concrete basement will be minimal compared to what it will cost you to try and repair the damage. The total value of your home would probably be affected also.


Paul Dusselier Concrete Basement Company started in 1978, after working with my father and other family members as a concrete contractor for seven years.

My family poured some of the first concrete walls in Kansas City in the early 1950s. For over 33 years I have continued this tradition of outstanding quality service, and I am passing it on to my son Scott. He has been working with me for more than 10 years pouring concrete walls in the Kansas City area.