New Residential and Commercial Construction/Remodeling

Other Services Upon Request

  • Surveying
  • Excavation
  • Waterproofing

Our foundations are laid out with a Trimble Robotic Total Station for accuracy.

Paul Dusselier Basement Company warrants our foundations to be straight, level, and square in accordance to industry standards. We also warrant them against structural cracks, as defined by the (Concrete Foundations Association), for the period of one year, and we will epoxy inject any leaking cracks appearing within one year at no charge.

Additional Info
Paul Dusselier Basement Company will give you an estimated bid which is going to be the actual billing price as long as no changes are made to the print and standard soil conditions are met.

Be sure to ask your subcontractor if their bill will be the same price as their quote, as most foundation contractors will give you an estimated price, which means they can charge extras.




concrete foundation img4
Scott Dusselier overseeing a pour.
concrete foundation img5
Well maintained and modern equipment & forms.
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